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Here's what some of our amazing customers have to say about us and our nappy services! 

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Emily Bing

March 2019

Awesome service! I got the newborn multi kit which was great to try all the different types of nappies to see which worked best for us. Really happy with the high quality of all the nappies in the kit to help decide which ones we wanted to go with long term. Definitely recommend this for anyone starting out with cloth nappies!

Missis Missy

February 2019

I am proud to say that we have been using Eco Nappy Services since the day our identical twin girls came home from the hospital, and that we are the first twin family to sign up! The nappies are easy to use, they look great, and it doesn't get easier - just pop them in the bins! We don't worry about running out of nappies either - no dashing to the supermarket in a panic! We've never had any poo leaks with them unlike disposables - which we had to use when we were overseas and out of town but during those times we miss using our cloth nappies!

Megan Hardy

November 2018

We began our reusable nappy journey with one of the hire kits from Eco nappy services and were really happy with it. The kit came with everything you need, and the hire period gave us enough time to try them out properly with our little one. Solange was great to deal with and happily answered any of our questions if we had them. We will continue to use cloth nappies after using the hire kit and recommend to anyone who is interested to give them a go.

Caitlin Day

July 2018

ENS is such a fantastic service - really can't fault it! I highly recommend this service to anyone like me who was considering reusable nappies but not really sure the way around it. ENS is affordable and easy!

Mary Lowe

July 2018

Couldn't have been happier with this fantabulous service. Solange was a delight and really demonstrated how valuable we were as customers going above and beyond trying to meet our particularly needs either with delivery time, nappy styles and expert help. Always impressively prompt with replies to questions and comments. The beautiful bundle of fresh, folded nappies on our doorstep ready to be used weekly was just superb. Recommend to absolutely everyone!


June 2018

The nappy laundry service is excellent and such a great help during those early weeks with a newborn. Solange is very helpful and I can highly recommend the service.


June 2018

Solange, the services and products offered by Eco Nappy Services are just amazing and were truly a godsend with our first born. We met Solange at the Baby Show last year and quickly fell in love with the idea of not having to wash reusable nappies ourselves (reusable nappies were something we always wanted to try but just weren’t sure we could commit to the effort!). Being a new mum and wanting to try and limit waste, knowing Solange would take care of all of the washing and deliver next clean nappies each week meant there was one less thing for me to worry about. They say it takes a village to raise a baby and I’m so grateful to have had Solange in my village


March 2018

Who wouldn't want their cloth nappies taken away & laundered for them?! This is such a brilliant idea. Solange is super knowledgeable and helpful and goes that extra mile to offer such a great service.


March 2018

We used ENS for 2 months and found the system so easy and reliable. Would highly recommend it.


November 2017

Eco Nappies is such a great service, Solange does an amazing job. It was my first time using eco nappies and they were so much easier to use than I thought, especially with not having to wash them! I would definitely recommend. 


August 2017

I can't recommend this service enough! We were planning to do cloth ourselves but found the idea of doing all the washing and drying - especially in winter - a little overwhelming with adjusting to a newborn as well. Solange provides a wonderful, personal service, helping with any troubleshooting, and giving advice on using the nappies. The nappies themselves are fantastic and have totally converted me to the ease and versatility of prefolds. We had initially been using disposables overnight still, but found that these were leaking more often than the cloth nappies (especially once we started doubling up the prefolds inside the covers)! Thanks so much Solange for providing such a wonderful service!


August 2017

Solange has made the first few months of being a mum so much easier. Not only did I have the good feeling of not buying disposables, she was always happy to give advice and tips for this FTM with a difficult new born. When I return to work, I will definitely look to use the service again as it was such a time and energy saver.

Susannah Goble

September 2017

This is an amazing service, I recommend it to anyone interested in using cloth nappies! I didn't feel confident about using cloth nappies, or do all the washing that goes with them (!), and it allowed me to try them out before I got started on my own. Solange makes it so easy.


June 2017

Wanting to go eco friendly, we used the Eco Nappy Services for the first few weeks after birth (until we got back on our feet) and enjoyed it very much! Solange is super helpful and friendly 😊 Thank you for a great service!

Anita Lacey

June 2017

Solange is fantastic - so helpful and knowledgeable of her product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eco Nappy Service.

Tess Halonen March 2017

Love this service!! I'm a first time mum and wanted to do cloth but the thought of laundry put me off- especially unpredictable winter in Auckland! There's no smell, and pick up is easy, I leave the bag out and I look forward to the refresh each week. Its not only a service, Solange is so knowledgable, and been great support for baby tips and tricks. Couldn't live without it!

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