Welcome to our donation programme... 

Here at ENS we believe that all children should have clean nappies that are changed regularly, thats why we've teamed up with ..........(KC).............

to get cloth nappies out to the families that need them the most.

What can you do to help? By sending your used cloth nappies in to us, you'll be helping us, to help them!

All nappies sent to us will be professionally washed, then added into a bundle of nappies and allocated out to their new owners.

Because we bundle them all together it means that even if one or two nappies come in they are still put to very good use! 

The letter that we got sent from KC asking if we would be able to help, we did, and that started our mission to help the most in need...

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The 'Thank you' letter that they sent back after receiving the parcels 

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***Add photo of the box of nappies we sent 

So if you have some cloth nappies (or disposables) lying around not being used, please send them in to us today!

Send to:

Solange Juillard 

Eco Nappy Services 

D/256A Birkdale road

Birkdale 0626


Every single nappy is appreciated! Thank you!