We would love to support your sustainability journey by helping you save hundreds of disposable nappies from landfill every week.

Our Auckland-wide Hiring and Laundering Service is the simplest, no-fuss way for your Early Childcare Education centre to use reusable nappies. It's also the most environmentally friendly.

How it works:

1. We will come and set you up with all the nappies you need, boosters, nappy bins and nappy bin liners. We can even supply you with reusable wipes making your nappy changes zero-waste! (Staff training also provided)

2. Children arrive in their own nappies and are changed into Eco Nappy Services modern cloth nappies which are used throughout the day. Our nappies are simple to use and quick to change. 

3. Soiled nappies are easily changed and put into one of our secure bins (Our bins have lids to lock smells inside) 

4. One of the friendly staff from ENS comes by regularly to collect soiled nappies and deliver fresh, clean nappies.

5. Soiled nappies are taken back to ENS HQ to be methodically cleaned and sanitised ready for the next use. 

Make a booking today for one of our friendly team members to come to your centre to discus your needs and show you our nappies.

*Newborn to toddle sizes available. 

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