Mini wet bags, great for smaller items.


Mini wet bags are made from PUL or laminated minky fabric (depending on the print) and are a great way to transfer items that are wet. Just under half the size of a standard wet bag, these mini wetbags don’t take up much room, and are the prefect size for those smaller items such as breast pads, washable sanitary pads and cloth wipes.


Great for cloth wipes

You can use mini wet bags to transport your cloth wipes when you are out and about. Simply dampen them before you go out and put them in the mini wet bag to keep them moist ready for later use. Alternatively you can wet them when needed while out and then transfer them home again in the bag.


Lots of uses

There are lots of uses for these handy mini wetbags, use them to store your used breastpads and cloth menstrual pads for convenient and clean transportation home. The also make great mini toiletry bags, pop your toothbrush and toothpaste in when spending a night away from home. They fasten with a zip that helps to keep moisture in.

Mini Wet Bag

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