If you’re looking for a reusable sanitary product, then a menstrual cup is a great choice. Comfortable, easy to use and reliable.


If you haven’t seen or heard of a menstrual cup before, then you might be wondering what on earth one is. To put it simply they are a soft cup made from medical grade silicon which is worn in the vagina during your period. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups are not absorbent, so they don’t soak up your bodies natural lubricants, and won’t dry you out. To use you simply insert and then empty into the toilet at intervals during the day. You can rinse them out and then reinsert.

You want me to put what where?!

When you first see a menstrual cup, you might be put off by the size or the idea of inserting it into yourself. In reality, though, they are surprisingly comfortable once you have them in. The cups are soft which means that you can fold them, in order to insert and then the ‘pop’ open once inside. Once in you shouldn’t be able to feel them, they usually sit lower than a tampon, and some people find that they prefer to cut off the stem, as you shouldn’t be able to feel this once it’s in. To remove you break the seal and gently pull it out.

Two sizes

These cups come in two sizes small, which if for women under 30 who haven’t had a vaginal birth, and large which is for women over 30 or those that have given birth vaginally. (Because, sadly, as we all know, having babies and getting older doesn’t do much for our muscle tone down there.) There’s isn’t a huge difference in size between the large and the small, but those few extra mm make all the difference.

Entry level menstrual cup

This particular cup is an entry level menstrual cup, it is made from two pieces of silicone which are fused together. This means that it has a seam between the two halves of the cup. This won’t affect comfort, but does mean that it’s not likely to last as long as some of the more expensive brands on the market. They can last for up to 11 years, while this will probably only last a few years. It’s a great place to start, if you’re new to menstrual cups and are not sure if they are for you.

Menstrual Cup