We've put together some "Crisis Packs" for those unable to find thier regular nappies in stores. 


These packs are made up of pre-loved nappies that are in excelllent condition and have been throughly clean and sanitized.


In the pack you will get:

5 Nappy covers

10 Prefolds

10 Liners

Use & Washing Guide (It's easier then you think!) 


Add 10 Cloth wipes to your order so you won't need disposable wipes.

Or add 5 Boosters to make your nappies more absorbant.

And if you need a wet bag to take your nappies out of the house you can find them in our Store. 


Not only will you never run out of nappies because you own your own - but you'll be saving the planet at the same time - Now that's something to celebrate!! 


*There may be some very light staining on the nappies or covers - but we asure you that they are Clean, Sanitary and 100% Effective nappies!