A collapsible menstrual cup is a great space saving option and ideal for keeping in your bag when out and about.


This menstrual cup is designed to fold down and fit inside the plastic container that it comes with. This makes it ideal as a back up cup when out and about. Keep a spare one in your bag, or drawer at work. The cup is always on hand when you need it, ready in an emergency and makes an ideal back up cup. It can also be used full time, although the capacity of this cup is smaller than some of our other cups. It may need emptying slightly more often.

One size

This cup is only available in one size, it is in between our large and small cups. I have had this tested by people who usually use a size one or size two have used it with no problems. Made from clear, medical grade silicone. As with all cups you will need to sterilise before your first use. Boil for five minutes and you’re ready to go.

Collapsible menstrual cup

This cup comes with a small plastic carry case and drawstring bag. Choose one or use both. Using both together makes it idea for keeping as a spare, or back up cup. Made from medical grade silicone.

Collapsable Menstrual Cup