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What's included:

  • Delivery of nappies 

  • Once Weekly service - Collection of used nappies - Delivery of clean nappies 

  • Reusable nappy liners (They protect the nappy and make it easier to dispose of solids)

  • Prefolds (The absorbent part of the nappy) 

  • Nappy covers (The waterproof part of the nappy) 

  • Nappy bin Liner  

  • Bin deodoriser  

  • Nappy bin 

** Organic Cotton Boosters can be added to your order for $10 per week 

**Cotton Terry reusable wipes can be added to your order for $10 per week

(Both of these extras go into the nappy bin along with your nappies to be washed by us!!).


Prices listed are for one child. If you'd like prices for multiple children or different time periods please contact us. 

12 Week Laundering Service ($45.82 per week). Auckland only.

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Would you like to add boosters for $10 per week
Add reusable wipes for $10 Per week
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