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Our Auckland-wide Hiring and Laundering Service for cloth nappies is the simplest, no-fuss way for you to use reusable nappies. It's also the most environmentally friendly.


First, pick one of our services (see below) that fits your cloth nappy needs: either a four or 12 Week Service and add on cloth wipes or boosters. Once you've ordered via our Online Store we'll then deliver the nappies to you, show you how to use them and together we find a safe and discreet place for you to leave them out for collection. 

From there we will provide you with a weekly delivery/laundry service.  After each nappy use simply tip any solids into the toilet, and pop the liner and pre-fold into the bin provided.  The nappy cover can be wiped clean and reused until it goes into the bin with the nappies for a wash. On your pick up day you will tie up the bag of used nappies and leave it out for collection where it will be replaced with your fresh set of nappies for the next week. 

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