1 - Order your kit online
2 - We send it to you
3 - You use and wash the                    nappies yourself 
4 - Send it back to us at the end        of the 10 week hire period 




Why buy cloth nappies when you can just hire them? When it comes to cloth nappies there's no "one brand suits all" so, often advice from the professionals is to get a few different styles and see which one suits your baby. Well guess what? We've done all the hard work for you! 

Our Hire Kits are available New Zealand-wide and come packed with everything you need to get started on your cloth nappy journey including reusable nappies in a range of styles and brands, a nappy bucket to store your dirty nappies in, and a handful of other little goodies.


We have four different cloth nappy hire kits that cater to your baby's size, shape and age (newborns and infants between 2.5-14kg). Each kit includes different nappy styles in different brands, giving you the chance to see which ones suit your baby. And what’s more...it’s super economical, a pre-fold hire kit working out to be $18 per week and a multi-kit (including pre-folds & all-in-ones) working out to be $22 per week.